Live from the struggle cover 2

Live From The Struggle Lp is WorldWide! Get It Now!!!

Definately did not think in 2012 that 2 years later we would still be making big steps from this album. It is most definitely a cult classic and UnderGround Texas classic, and recently I’ve been seeing alot of plays and downloads from different states and countries. Mostly in Califorina, North Carolina, Montreal, United Kingdom, Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

Since It’s Speading lets really make it available to the WORLD. Live From The Struggle is now available on every digital outlet across the world including Itunes. Appreciate the love and support >>>>>

Songs You Didn’t Know Where Freestyles?? Part 1

For Years I couldn’t freestyle for shit, I’d get puzzled so fast. Overtime, I learned my strength was speaking from the heart telling stories and not pulling words out the ass that would make you go oooohhhhhh. When in the zone I truly believe there isn’t a emcee that can do what I do because when I do it, you can’t tell if it is written or not, cause it is in song form.

So Lets play a game of what songs you didn’t know where freestyles from my album Live From The Struggle

9th Grade = Wrote 1st verse, The rest was off the dome.


FreeFlowFridays Week 1 “Microphone Fiend”

So quite Frankly I get tired of getting compared to the local rap scene. The shit is annoying as fuck, my eyez is set on the throne, Jay-z, Kanye, Drake, Loaded Lux, Kendrick Lamar, etc these niggas is my competition, not these local rappers around the corner down the street. I’m dropping a Free Flow every friday or every other friday, until you niggas start appreciating what you hearing.

Week1 “Microphone Fiend” produced by Big Tra Theeee Hitmakuh